How do you cook knackwurst?


Knackwurst is a plump, smoked sausage, so only reheating is necessary. The best way to prepare your knackwurst is by poaching, or lightly grilling. It is best served with sauerkraut.
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Knockwurst is sausage that contains veal, pork, and a lot of seasoning. They are traditionally smoked using oak wood. The best way to cook knockwurst is by grilling or cooking in a little bit of water in a frying pan. For more information look here: A guide to German sausages; Knockwurst & Sauerkraut
Knockwurst is a type of sausage that is both thick and short. It is highly flavorful with an extremely salty taste and can be cooked a variety of ways. You can boil the knockwurst in salted water for about 10 minutes and then place it on the grill for another 10 minutes. It doesn't need much seasoning since this sausage is so flavorful to begin with. You can then serve the knockwurst with sauerkraut and buttered rye toast.
Knockwurst is a world famous German sausage. It is made by combining pork, veal, and seasonings. The sausage can be smoked on a grill or fried in a pan on the stove top.
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