How to Cook Little Smokies?


Most of these are already cooked when you buy them so all you really need to do is to heat them up. A favorite way of mine is to place them in a slow cooker or crock pot and pour some bbq sauce over them and heat them this way.
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There are many ways to cook little smokies! A party favorite is to place one bag of little smokies in a small crock pot or sauce pan. Add 1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce to the smokies, heat all the way through until hot and bubbly! The best way to eat your party favorite is with tooth picks instead of silverware! Have Fun! For more information look here:;
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My favorite way is in a crock pot or low-heat on the stove in BBQ
1. Boil 2 to 3 inches of water in a frying pan. Drain the liquid from the opened cocktail link package. Pour the links into the boiling water. 2. Simmer the links until they are heated
They are pre-cooked. You can eat them as is or warm them up. They will heat up well enough if your make "pigs in a blanket.
Oats (not sure about other grains), cured meats, fruit and vegetables that are safe to consume raw.
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To make little smokies you will need one package of Smokie, one can of chilli sauce and one small jar grape jelly. Using a stove to make them first heat and stir ...
Arbroath Smokies are cooked by salting the fish overnight, when they are tied in pairs with a hemp twine and are then left to dry. They should be left hanging ...
1. Unwrap one package of bacon and cut the strips into thirds. You should make three small pieces of bacon out of one strip. 2. Next drain the Little Smokies and ...
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