How do I cook red fish?


Red fish can be cooked by baking it in 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can marinade it with a lemon butter sauce or any sauce of your liking, to add that extra favor. Just make sure the baking pan is sprayed with some Pam to keep the fish from sticking. Check out this site on how to prepare lemon butter sauce for your red fish:
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Learning how to cook fish en papillote, a French term for cooking fish in parchment paper, is not difficult. This is a perfect way to cook fish along with vegetables at the same time
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1. Leave the grill rack on the grill and scrape off as much of the stuck-on fish as possible using a grill spatula, allowing the pieces to fall into the fire below. 2. Scrub the grill
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How to Cook Redfish
Redfish, also known as red drum, is a firm, white-fleshed fish similar in texture and mild flavor to cod, haddock, pollock and striped bass. The sturdy fillets take to a variety of cooking methods, some of which aren't recommended for thinner varieties... More »
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Red fish has a wonderful melt in your mouth flavor. Just don't overcook it! Here are some recipes that should give you a good idea of how to prepare this fish: For more information look here: Baked Redfish; Blackened Redfish
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