How do you cook smoked ham hocks?


The best way to cook smoked ham hocks is by boiling them in a pot of water for about one hour. You want to cook the ham hock until it falls apart. After an hour you want to remove the ham hock from the water and then reduce the water by half. Most people don't cook ham hocks for the actual meat. People cook the ham hocks for the smoky flavor that it gives to the meal.
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1. Place the smoked ham hocks in the bottom of a stockpot or slow cooker. 2. Add the mixed vegetables to the pot. You can use a frozen mixed vegetable mix or you can create your own
A smoked ham is already cooked, so mainly you are just heating it up. Turn your oven to 325 degrees and put your ham in a pan. Put about 1/2 cup of water into the bottom of the pan
Here are the easy steps on cooking smoked ham : Take the wrapper of the ham. If it has a glazing packet, keep it aside for later use. Try to find a product which is which is already
what are you using them for i mostly use those for soup stock. it depends if they are cooked or not should say on the package if they are . if they are cooked more or less you just
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How to Cook Smoked Ham Hocks in Vegetables
Smoked ham hocks are an often-overlooked protein source and can be much cheaper than a ham or other meat products. Cooking smoked ham hocks in vegetables is a simple, easy meal that the entire family can enjoy. If you have a slow cooker, the meal can be... More »
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When cooking a ham hock, wash it in cold water and put them in a pot with onions, carrots, bay leaf, cloves and peppercorns. Heat the cold water till it boils ...
You can cook smoked neck bones by simmering it in chicken broth with herbs to leech out the salt. You can also use it in place of ham in stews and soups. Neck ...
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