How to Cope with Being Dumped?


Being dumped can be heartbreaking to the extent of committing suicide, but there are guide lines on how to cope with this time. The best way to cope is to not hold any reunion thoughts, release all emotions, take away all material things that remind you of the relationship hang out with your friends and keep busy.
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1. Organize a night with your friends filled with laughter, maybe a few drinks, some good food and some good laughter. Your friends might have stories of being dumped they can share
1 Lean on your friends . Turning to your friends is the best way to start 'healing'. Not only are they a built-in support system for when you're crying over your ex, but they'll drag
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There are many different methods in getting over a relationship. Some people will opt to move on right away,others will take up some new hobby ti divert their attention. You have
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1. Act alright. If he thinks you're upset you will lose the chance to EVER go with him again. Boys like strong independent girls: 2. Don't phone him. If you phone ...
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