How to Copy 35mm Slides?


You can copy 35 mm slides to your PC by scanning. Turn on the computer as well as the scanner and set the scanner to scan slides. Create and name a folder where you will store the slides. Organize them and load into the scanner and start the scan. Save into the correct folders the scanned slides and save the new digital files as TIFF files with no compression.
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1. Set up your slide projector as you would to regularly view slides on a screen or white wall. 2. Set up your digital camera on a tripod. If you do not have a tripod, place the camera
Line the inside lid of the copier with tin foil then place the slide on the platen glass and copy as usual. The light will travel through the slide and reflect off the tin foil and
In the past, many photographers took slides instead of print film. Slides produce more intense color saturation and usually last longer than prints. However, with the advent of digital
I don't think there is a safe way to store slides. In slide holders in a cool dark place, but what happens if you have a flood...or something else. I would recommend scanning them
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How to Copy 35mm Slides to a Computer
Do you have trays and trays of 35 mm slides sitting around your home from years of shooting? If so you may want to consider scanning them into your computer. By digitizing your archive of slide images, you can organize them into different albums, create... More »
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