How to Copy Cassettes to CD?


You may have a large collection of cassettes just lying around and would like to transfer those over to a cd. This can be done with the right equipment and software. For more information look here: Transferring cassettes to cd;
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1. Connect one end of your stereo patch cable to the headphone jack of your cassette player. 2. Connect the other end of your stereo patch cable to the "line-in" jack on
If you have your favorite album on cassette tape and you want to put it on cd, you can purchase a converter. This will allow you to convert several tapes and over a prolonged amount
use your sound card line in jack to get audio into the computer. you will need a program to convert the audio to mp3 or other usable format. then it can be written to CD or e-mailed
Here's a list of what you need to copy your old Cassettes, LP, or music CD's to a CDR disc.
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The easiest and quickest way to copy your VHS cassette to CD is to buy a deck that has both recorders built in. They have a function that allows you to easily ...
To record your cassettes to CD, take your cassette and put it in your tape deck then rewind it and then click 'Record'. Push the play button on the tape player ...
To convert audio cassettes to CD, primarily, plug one end of the audio cable into your cassette player's headphone to one end, in the other end, put it into the ...
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