How to Cover Bleached Hair?


If you wish to cover bleached hair, wash it and then apply a deep conditioner. Next, dry it but not completely and comb out any tangles. Put red hair dye on the hair ensuring that you follow the manufacturer's instructions on the timing and amount. Next, rinse the red dye from your hair until the water is clean then towel dry your hair. You can now apply brown dye to your hair. Rinse the dye from your hair until the water is clear, apply deep conditioner leaving it in for two minutes, then rinse and style your hair.
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1. Apply a deep conditioner to freshly washed hair. The deep conditioner helps protect those strands, which contain considerably less moisture due to the bleach and could suffer further
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You're problem is that the bleach lowered your porosity level in your hair. The cuticle is open and, therefore, your hair will no longer grab the haircolor. First, before you color
1. Start with unprocessed hair. No matter what bleaching method you use, it's going to cause your hair to get a little dryer and more fragile than normal. Starting with healthy hair
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