How to Cover Stairs?


To cover stairs you can use full carpeting or just a runner. If you want to cover your stairs completely you can go to a home improvement store and buy carpeting. Measure the length of the stairs and then you can use a hammer and tacking nails to carpet the stairs. You can also just use a runner. Start at the top of the stairs and walk it down to the bottom of the landing. You will need to secure the runner so that it doesn't slide around.
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1. Remove the carpet by pulling it loose from the tack strip and discard. Pull the padding loose from the stair treads and riser edge. Pry the tack strip up off the stair tread by
Assuming a standard stair size (36" wide & 18" crotch to crotch) or smaller, you would need a piece of carpet 12' wide & 6' 3" long.
Here's a simple solution for covering up an old, outdated railing.
An example of what I'm talking about. The first shows the finish at the rear of our property. There was an extenstion in place but it was frankly poor, full lenght single pane glass
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1. Paint the risers using paint and a paintbrush, leaving the treads bare. This gives a unique stepped look to your stairs, as the wood of the treads contrasts ...
There are several options available to you for covering your floor stairs. There is hardwood flooring, carpet, tile, and laminate flooring. Hardwood flooring is ...
1. Measure each step to determine the dimensions that will be needed for the new wood covering. Use a tape measure to first find the width and depth of each tread ...
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