How do you cover track marks?


To cover track marks, get a concealer purposely formulated to be applied to your body and not the face. Make sure to keep the area very clean in order to prevent any infections. Then, apply a scar lotion since the scar creams shall fade the look of your skin blemishes for a couple of weeks. Lastly, let your body to cure itself.
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1. Invest in a good concealer. Find a concealer specifically formulated to be applied to the body, not the face. These will usually offer maximum coverage. Additionally, find a setting
To cover up stretch marks you can use make-up base to blend it into your skin, also using coco butter will help. This will help make them disappear before they have time to set in.
Answer to cover up use a heavy base or concealer to heal use oral antibiotics and local cream like polysporin
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How to Cover Track Marks
Track marks are unsightly areas of damage caused by intravenous drug use. The site of a needle injection may become swollen or infected, especially if the skin is abused by repetitive injections. This often leave scars or bruises. Additionally, the vein... More »
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A stretch mark is the appearance of skin scarring that occurs when the skin is stretched beyond its usual limit. To cover a stretch mark, you can use a concealing ...
Heroin track marks include scars and bruises in the veins and needle marks, most often in the hands and arms. The track marks are also sometimes found on feet, ...
Naturally, tattoos can cover stretch marks, hiding them in the process. Incidentally, there are many people creating tattoos to hide their stretch marks with reported ...
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