How to Create a Behavior Modification Charts?


This can be done on paper or on computer. Build the chart with the child getting feedback from him/her. Use it constructively and do not include any negative aspects.
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1. Outline your behavioral goals for your children. Start with a list of every positive and negative behavior you can think of and then winnow down the list. This final list should
To start a child's ADHD behavior chart, a parent must first list behaviors they want the child to improve upon, such as disobeying parents, whining, temper tantrums, hitting or yelling
1. Open a blank worksheet in Microsoft Excel via the File menu. You can add additional worksheets for other phases of your project by clicking the "Insert" tab and choosing
1. Open a new Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. To do this, click your Start menu. Then click All Programs, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel 2007. A new spreadsheet will open
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