How to Create a Bustle?


Creating a bustle is a somewhat easy job. You will need supplies such as a needle, thread and tape measure. To view instructions go to .
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How to Create a Bustle
Bustles are used to make dresses or gowns with long trains more wearable without having to cut off the train all together. This style dates back to the 1800s when women wore them to make their waists look smaller. Bustles lift the train of the dress off... More »
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Most women want their wedding day to be perfect and having a bustle on the dress takes a lot of work. You must first decide whether you want the bustle to be attached by loops and hooks or ties.
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1. Pick a point in the center of the train of your dress. Pick this point up and place it on the back skirt of your dress so that the end of your train meets the hem of your dress
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Creating a bustle can create panic for the family of the bride if you are unprepared and are trying to figure it out at the last minute. The best thing to do is practice ahead of
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1. Have the bride try on the wedding dress while wearing the same shoes she will have on during the wedding. 2. Mark the placement of the bustle hooks or buttons ...
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You can create a bustle on a wedding dress by folding up the train of the dress. There will usually be button loops in certain intervals that you can pin up the ...
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