How do you create a clown face?


From what I know, you can create a clown face quite easily. Just take some white face paint and cover the face completely. Take red lipstick and cover the mouth and around the mouth into a smiley face. Add some dots on the cheeks and you are a clown.
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1. Create a white base for the rest of the clown face. If you're applying it to skin, use a cream makeup and apply it liberally with a sponge. 2. Choose pastel or jewel colors instead
1. Draft an outline on your face. The classic, auguste-style clown is they type you see at circuses. Auguste clowns have exaggerated makeup and are clumsy and bumbling, using on physical
step 1: give them a ugly-looking tie, to wear. step 2: if there a girl, give them a boys pants to wear that's been dipped in mud and torn up with holes in it. If there a boy, give
Clowns are created when people put on clown make up and do funny things.
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How to Make a Clown Face
How many times did your mother tell you to quit clowning around at the dinner table? Probably more than you can count. Some people are just more inclined to be silly and this is a trait apparent very early in life. If clown seems to be somewhere in... More »
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You can paint a clown face by using paint that is especially made for faces. Makeup sponges should be used to apply the paint and a white base should be used first ...
Making a clown face can be so much fun! You just need face makeup and you are ready to go. You want to paint your face white and paint a big red smile. Don't forget ...
You can face paint a mouse by using grey, white and pink. Paint your entire face grey with powder or face paint. Use black eyeliner to create a nose and whiskers ...
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