How to Create a Digital Calendar?


You can create a digital calendar if you have a computer and mobile phone. A digital calendar will help you to be organized because you can access it anywhere. For instructions on how to create one check out .
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1. Create a profile with the web-based digital calendar you want to use. If you already have a web-based email account with a website such as Gmail or Yahoo!, you already have a profile
1. Click on “Calendar.” Select “Actions” then “View Group Schedules.” Click on “New.”. 2. Create a name for your company vacation calendar
1. Open Microsoft Word. 2. Select File>New. 3. Select "General Template" in the task pane on the right under "New from Template. 4. In the dialog box that opens
1. Open Microsoft Excel. The software automatically defaults a new, blank spreadsheet page to the screen. 2. Click into the first cell, A1, on the spreadsheet. Type the name of the
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How to Create a Digital Calendar
Tracking your appointments and to-do lists has never been easier. Web-based digital calendars are a tremendous convenience, giving you access from your computer or workstation whenever you need it. Some digital calendars work in conjunction with your... More »
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