How to Create a FAX Cover Letter in Microsoft Word?


To create a fax cover letter in MS word, you will need to first download an MS word fax letter template. You can browse through several of them at the following site: There are several professional and clean options for you.
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1. Determine the intent and audience of your fax. This will help you decide on a template to use for your fax cover letter. 2. Open Microsoft Word. You can find it on PC by clicking
Using Microsoft Word, you can create a fax cover letter to go with the documents you are sending. Although you can hand-write a cover letter, using Microsoft fax cover letter templates
1. Open letterhead document (make adjustments or changes to your current letterhead, as needed) or create a new letterhead or cover page and save. Keep this document open. Ad. 2.
There are 2 Microsoft programs you can use. The first is Microsoft Word, which is used to make any type of word document in almost any way imaginable, and is included with any version
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How to Create a Fax Cover Letter in Microsoft Word
In order to create a fax cover letter in Microsoft Word, select 'faxes' under Microsoft Office online. Create a fax cover letter in Microsoft Word with tips from a software developer in this free video on computer training.... More »
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