How do you create a field trip permission form?


A simple field-trip permission form can be made in just a few minutes using a standard word processor. Many computers come equipped with basic software options, such as Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

  1. Gather information on the trip

    Have all of the information regarding the trip handy, including the date, location, purpose of the trip, cost to the parent or student, check-payable information, means of transportation, arrival and departure times, clothing recommendations, food accommodations for the student and any additional information deemed necessary to communicate to the parents.

  2. Type up and print out the slip

    Type up the form in a simple word processor. Put all of the information from step one on the top half of the page and use the text below for the bottom half of the page. Insert a dotted line between the two sections so that the parents can keep the top half. When typing, insert blank underlined areas in place of the words in parentheses. "(Students Name) has permission to attend a field trip to (Location) on (Date) from (Time) to (Time). Enclosed, please find cash/check in the amount of (Cost) to cover the cost of the trip. I give permission for (Student name) to receive emergency medical treatment. In an emergency, please contact (Contact details) ". Insert areas for emergency contact information, a parent signature and the date. Then print out the slips.

  3. Give out the slips

    Hand out the slips to the children and have each return it completed and with a parent's signature.

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