How to Create a New Identity?


The only legal way to get a new identity is to change your social security number. This is something that is rarely done. You would have to be in the Witness Protection Program or have special permission from the courts to be able to do that.
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How to Create a New Identity
In certain extreme circumstances, a person may wish to create a new identity to start over and live a new life or to protect themselves against harassment and danger. This requires lots of work and preparation, and only those who are committed and sure... More »
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1. Create a logo, or hire someone to do it for you. 2. Once you have your logo, design a stationery package. You will want your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and folders
1 Review your company's history, mission and methods. Before you establish a corporate identity for the public, you need an internal consensus on who you are. Examine your business
Through the use of breeder documents. Each culture/society has a process whereby identity is created. It could be as simple as a naming ceremony or as complex as fingerprinting, DNA
Get a government to provide you with a whole set of great quality false documents as part of your employment as an investigator, undercover police officer, spy or intelligence officer
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There are various methods of changing one?s identity in the UK. For the best and tips on how to create a new identity in the UK, visit the link below: < < ...
To create a new identity in England, you will need a birth certificate, NI number, driving licence and/or passport. No false ID can be obtained by legal means. ...
You can pay to change your name and if you provide the social security office with enough proof of tampering you can have that changed as well. ...
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