How does one create a new Road Runner email account?


Creating a new Road Runner email account is an easy task. All that you need is a Road Runner user account. To view full directions go to .
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1. Place your mouse cursor over the Road Runner "Help" button found in the top right corner of the Road Runner homepage. Click "RR Self Care" in the menu that
depends on the website. you can create a new email address by following these steps: 1- go to 2- click on "create new account" 3- Fill fields with your data
You have to sign up for service through your cable company:
I would assume you can. If you are a Gmail user, another way to get around the issue would be to use their "alises" feature: If your gmail email is.
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How to Create a New Road Runner Email Account
If you are a subscriber to Time Warner Cable or Adelphia in a Time Warner area, chances are you may have high-speed Internet service through Time Warner's Road Runner service. With a Road Runner Internet account, you can add up to 4 additional users with... More »
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Road Runner email is but one of the many services offered by this Internet provider. Since 1995, Road Runner has been providing connectivity to the Eastern United ...
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