How to Create a Web Site?


There are many different web hosts for you to choose from. Research and choose the one that fits your preferences or needs. Once you have picked a host, create an account and a plan (if paying). It is a good idea to plan out the content that you wish to have on the site before you begin to build so that you have an idea of what sort of design you use before you start the actual design program. After planning is finished, use a template or a web design program to design the site. Once you are finished editing and designing, upload the content to your account and publish your site. It should now be accessible to anyone with the link. For more:
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How to Make a Web Site
Create content and make a Web site by using the text editing functions of Word on a computer. Set up a Web site on the Internet with tips from a software developer in this free video about computer technology.... More »
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In order to create a website you need to have a company that can host your website. For example, a great company is "". They have many great products. After
1. Create a new text document using Windows Notepad on a PC or Text Edit on a Mac. Name the file "index.html" and save it to your computer desktop. This will be the first
1. Log in to your PC with an account that has administrative privileges. 2. Open the Start menu, go into the "All Programs" list and select "Internet Explorer."
1. Get your band together. Call them over to your house or to an internet cafe. Make sure that everybody that confirmed they're going to be there is there or there might be problems
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Decide what it is you want to create, and the message you want to send from your place on the web, Keep things organized with a simple sketch of your site?s architecture ...
Video Transcript. Hi, this is Kyle Parker for Expert Village and I'm going to show you how to create a website using Microsoft Word. Now although I don't prefer ...
Numerous options for building websites for fun have opened up on the Internet, many of which are offered for free. You can sign up for your own space on the Internet ...
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