How to Create an Alphanumeric Password?


An alphanumeric password is simply one that contains both letters (alpha) and numbers (numeric). While an example might be abc123, you'll want to create one that's more difficult for someone else to guess.
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How to Make an Alphanumeric Password
When you wish to create a safe, strong password, do not limit the password to obvious words or numbers like your birth year or your cat's name. In fact, according to Microsoft, that you should not even use more obscure information such as your passport... More »
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Alphanumeric means that your password must contain both numbers and letters. Depending on how long your password needs to be and can be, make sure you are the only one who will ever figure out your password.
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1. Think of a string of letters that have some relevance to you but would not be easy for anyone else to guess. Do not, for example, use basic words, or a string of letters as they
It is a password that contains both numbers and letter, it is much harder to crack or guess than just number or just letter passwords.
1. Create a unique and unusual sentence. This sentence will be the building block for your strong password or pass phrase. It can be practically anything you can think of, like "
Simplest method: Create a pivot table of the sheet with column C as rows, column A (or whatever) as values, then change the "Value Field Settings" to summarize by Count
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