How do you create email templates in Dreamweaver?


To create email templates in Dream Weaver, you will need to have an HTML editor such as Front Page. You then will need to create a new directory which should include all the graphics and HTML you want to include. For more information, visit:
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1. Simply download a premade email template from the email template website provided in the Resources section of this article. You can design HTML email by yourself. This article
1. Start the Dreamweaver program and locate the page the form will be located on. 2. Open the Insert menu and choose Form. A single bounded box is added to the page. 3. Insert objects
1. Log into your Tumblr account and bring up Tumblr's Upload a Static File page. Click the "Choose File" button and follow the prompts to upload the image files you plan
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How to Create Email Templates in Dreamweaver
Take advantage of Dreamweaver's template feature to increase your production speed and create HTML email templates, newsletters or any kind of website. Avoid repetitive content editing or Web layout design in multiple pages by creating and utilizing a... More »
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