How do you create email templates in Dreamweaver?


To create email templates in Dream Weaver, you will need to have an HTML editor such as Front Page. You then will need to create a new directory which should include all the graphics and HTML you want to include. For more information, visit:
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1. Sketch out ideas for your web page on paper. Decide what kind of template you want to create. You might want to make one that has a simple white background with basic text buttons
Dreamweaver templates help you to maintain sites by creating editable regions and regions that are maintained by the template.
1 Sign into your Salesforce account. You will be asked for an email and a password. A company signs up for the Salesforce software, and then each user is assigned a unique login and
1. Launch your text editor program and create a new file. 2. Place your cursor after the opening "<body>" tag. If your editor does not provide the initial HTML page
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How to Create Email Templates in Dreamweaver
Take advantage of Dreamweaver's template feature to increase your production speed and create HTML email templates, newsletters or any kind of website. Avoid repetitive content editing or Web layout design in multiple pages by creating and utilizing a... More »
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