How to Create Ringlets?


Ringlets can be created with curling irons or hair straighteners by wrapping the hair around the heated plate. You can also use curlers to hold the hair in place while it is blow-dried with mousse. If you have no curlers, then mousse the hair, twist it around your fingers until it is tight and clip the ends. When it is dry, brush it out with your fingers.
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1. Before you go to bed, lightly mist your entire head with a spray bottle filled with plain water and divide your hair into small segments. 2. Cover each of the segments with gel
1 After washing your hair, take sponge rollers and place them in your hair, if necessary secure with a bobby pin. Ad
either use large curling tongs or get large heated rollers or just large rollers which u can wear over night 4 ease.
Spiral curlers work well. Just remember to get end wraps and to make sure your hair is wet for an easier even curl. Another way of getting tight curls would be to try pillow rollers
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1. Create medium-sized ringlets using a curling iron. or create long, spiral, rolling curls by wrapping every strand of hair around the iron. Use 2-inch sections ...
The simplest way to get a Hawaiian-inspired hairstyle is to make a bun or a ponytail, and leave a few wisps out. Or, create an up-sweep, leaving ringlets of hair ...
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