How to Create Windows XP Boot CD?


A new folder with the name ÔXPSETUPÕ is created on the root of drive C when creating Windows XP boot CD. Then, directory Ô1386Õ is copied in that folder and ASCII text file under the name ÔWindowsÕ is created with Notepad application. Service pack is then updated using Microsoft website.
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How to Make a Windows XP Boot CD
Most computers require a re-installation of the operating system (OS) from time to time, as it results in a smoother running PC that is not bogged down with all the things that can accumulate with months or years of consistent use. While many PC... More »
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1. Insert the blank CD disc into the drive on your computer that hosts the Windows XP operating system. Click the XP "Start" button, then click "Run" in the menu
An XP bootup disk is made with a floppy disk. Insert the floppy into the a-drive. Then go to your desktop and click on My Computer, right-click the a-drive icon and choose Format,
1 Insert the Windows XP CD into your computer. If you no longer have a copy of the CD, contact your computer manufacturer for a replacement, or download an .iso from the internet
ron, if your current boot floppy does what you need, and you like and trust it, but just want it on cd.. just make a bootable cd using it as the boot image, using your cd burning
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If you want to create a boot CD in Windows XP you will a blank CD and an Easy CD Creator software. This will be a somewhat challenging job. For further directions ...
1. Boot the computer with Windows XP. If your computer is not working, use a different one at work or at the home of a friend or relative. You may also be able ...
1. Turn on your computer. Open your preferred Internet browser and navigate to (capitalization not necessary). 2. In the left menu, click \" ...
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