How to Crochet a Dog Sweater?


Before you get ready to crochet a dog sweater, you will first need to take your pet's measurements. Measure his neckline circumference just behind his head. Then you will need to measure from the neckline to the base of the tail to determine the length you will need. Depending on the style you choose, you may also need to measure the dog right behind the front legs and around it's body. Next choose the style you want for your pet, and follow a free pattern to make his new coat.
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1. Measure your dog from just above his shoulders to the top of his tail. This will tell you how long his sweater needs to be. 2. Decide whether you are going to crochet a sweater
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1. Find a store specializing in pet products that will allow you to take your dog in with you. Ad. 2. Pick a color and pattern which suits your dog and your sense of style. Westies
sorry I cant help you on this question. But I have a sollution. If you go to, It will tell you how to make a dog. Just make an account and click on patterns. then click
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