How can one crochet a ruffle edge?


A crochet ruffle edge is made by following a specific crochet pattern using thin crochet thread and a small crochet hook. Once this piece is finished, it is then stitched onto the pillow case or item it is meant to border. Crochet patterns for ruffle edges can be found in craft stores.
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1. Insert your hook into the corner where you ended the blanket. Make a slipknot and put it onto your hook. Slip stitch the knot into the hole to anchor your working yarn to the blanket
1. Using a large-eyed needle and. crochet thread. make a running stitch along the edge of your finished fabric. Cast the crochet thread over the edge of the fabric while passing the
Depends on your preference. My Gramma would crochet it on directly. Some people like to sew.
2 Ruffle Patterns to Try Out We've seen them on everything from afghans to hats, from pillows to clothing - that darling little crocheted ruffle used as a decorative edge. It is a
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How to Create Ruffled Edges in Crochet
Ruffled edges in crochet are created by making good use of a few simple techniques. Create ruffled edges in crochet with help from a longtime and experienced crochet expert in this free video clip.... More »
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A person can filet crochet edging by first studying the patterns. A starting chain should also be created. The pattern should begin the crochet process starting ...
A picot is a decorative design used in crocheting which is made by crocheting a chain 3, 4 or 5 with a slip stitch. It can be used as a picot edging for the finished ...
There are several different edgings you can choose from when crocheting baby blankets. One of the more popular edgings is the scallop stitch. Other options are ...
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