How to Crochet Letters?


You can use an embroidery chain stitch to crochet letters. If the letters are going to be small they are going to be almost unrecognizable. You can use a different colored yarn in the middle of the letter to show where a hole would be. It is easier to create large letters than it is to create small letters and have someone see the actual letter. You can also buy a pattern to follow to crochet letters.
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1. Thread the yarn through the back of your crochet piece at the point where you would like the letter to begin. As a rule of thumb, it may be easiest to crochet the letter A from
Things You'll Need. Worsted yarn. Crochet hook. Safety pin. Fusible interface. Scissors. Iron (optional). Yarn needle. Crochet the Main Hat. Start your chain-stitch by making a slip
Things You'll Need. G or H crochet hook. 1 skein yarn. Instructions. Measure your head by placing the tape across your forehead and around the circumference of your head while pulling
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How to Crochet the Letter A
Like its cousin knitting, crochet is making a popular comeback among DIY-ers, as well as those money-conscious decorators who have an eye for the handmade. Unlike knitting, crocheting only requires a single needle and thread at a time. This can make the... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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