How to Crochet Letters?


You can use an embroidery chain stitch to crochet letters. If the letters are going to be small they are going to be almost unrecognizable. You can use a different colored yarn in the middle of the letter to show where a hole would be. It is easier to create large letters than it is to create small letters and have someone see the actual letter. You can also buy a pattern to follow to crochet letters.
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1. Draw the letters you want to embellish on a piece of graph paper using a pencil. Draw it so that one corner in the graph equals one hole between two stitches. Draw the letters
Crochet flowers are an excellent way to dress up an afghan, a sweater, a pair of booties or a hat and scarf set. When making crochet flowers, you can use two colors, one for the center
If you want to crochet a Christmas tree you will need green colored yarn, darker green yarn, gold, and red yarn, size H crochet hook, styrofoam cone, mini ornaments, ribbon, and Scissors
Well, if you don't want to start over, finish the afghan. Crochet a simple chain and form it into the letter while sewing it on with needle and thread. The other alternative would
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How to Crochet the Letter A
Like its cousin knitting, crochet is making a popular comeback among DIY-ers, as well as those money-conscious decorators who have an eye for the handmade. Unlike knitting, crocheting only requires a single needle and thread at a time. This can make the... More »
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In order to crochet letters into a blanket, you will need to create a graph. Draw the outline of the blanket on a piece of graph paper with each square on the ...
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