How to Cuddle with a Guy?


Cuddling is a strong and effective way of creating a bond of love and trust between lovers and there are different ways of cuddling such as The Chest Cuddle, The Head on Lap, The Snuggle and The Arm in Arm. You can therefore use any of these ways but as an example the chest cuddle involves allowing your man to rest his head on the part between your arm and your chest then wrap your arms around his body and use a little petting to make your lover feel secure and loved.
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1. Create a comfortable, relaxed and private environment for the two of you to enjoy together. For example, invite him over to watch a movie when you have the house to yourself. Pick
If you like him back and you do actually know him go ahead and cuddle as much as you want babe! But if you dont know/like him, you have got to get out of there before your cheeks
Cuddling is to hold close in an affectionate manner; hug tenderly; fondle. Cuddling with
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The signs that a guy is in love with you include if he likes spending time with you, he says he loves you and he makes you feel special. Other signs are he cuddles ...
What it could mean when a guy says he wishes you were in bed with him, is that he wishes you were there with him cuddling and snuggling up to each other. ...
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