How to Curb Stomp Someone?


To curb stomp someone you put them on a curb with their teeth on the cement. You then kick them in the head to break their teeth. It's not a very nice thing to do naturally. So I wouldn't recommend doing it to anyone who doesn't deserve it.
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That is very hardcore in this guide's opinion. Someone probably
A curb stomp is a violent attack when a person places someone's mouth on a cement curb and then stomps on their head from behind to break their teeth.
Curb stomp basically means to beat the snot out of somebody. Take a person and throw them to the ground and then step all over them. Not something nice people do!
Curb stomping, which is also known as cubing or a curb job, places the victim's mouth so that it straddles the rim of a street curb. When the mouth is fully open-jawed, the aggressor
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