How to Cure a Stone Bruise?


A Stone bruise hurts! Soaking the foot in either cold or warm water and staying off the hurt foot will help the pain to go away. To avoid this from happening again in the future, be sure to wear proper footwear.
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Curing a stone bruise will take a few days. First, alternate between cols and warm compressed applied to the affected area multiple times on the day of the injury. After that, just allow the bruise to continue healing and take an over the counter pain med if you need relief.
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Stone bruise are sore spots on the feet that occur on the bottom of the foot. It mostly affects the ball of the foot and can be quite painful.
Ice the area immediately after you are hurt. You may not know if the area will bruise or not right away but you are better safe than sorry. If you feel like you got hurt hard enough
no. a foot stone bruise is what you get when you walk around barefoot. it feels rough and lumpy.
There is no cure for a bruise, but you may bruise more easily if you are deficient in
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A stone bruise is a bump on a bone and its adjacent soft tissue structure on the foot or ankle. It can be caused by an injury, and in most cases it is very painful ...
There isn't necessarily a cure for bruises. Bruises are small capillaries that have broken beneath your skin. You can place a heating pad on the bruises to help ...
There are a number of ways in which you can cure a bruise. You can apply an ice pack to the bruise or a hot gel compress. You can also use Arnica cream or gel ...
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