How to Cure Black Lips?


If your lips have become black due to dry skin or smoking there are several things you can do to try to cure your black lips. First, make sure you stay well hydrated. Try using a gentle exfoliant on your lips such as a baking soda paste, then apply lip protection containing beeswax or petroleum. Finally, avoid licking your lips as doing so only encourages continued dryness.
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1. Lip pimples and pimples that appear anywhere on your face can be fought with a home remedy that not many know about. 2. Put the stop to pimples and dry them up with a medicine
You get some cream and a paper towel and rub it on the black lip stick
Cure chapped lips: Soak lips w/warm washcloth until dried skin is soft, rub cloth over lips
Not medical advice, always consult MD: Try wearing lip balm and not licking your lips! Text us 24/7
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