How to Cure Gum Abscess?


To cure gum abscess, drain the pus pocket and make an incision through the abscess while focussing on the most fluctuant part. Using an elevator, elevate the tissue to enhance drainage of the puss emanating from the gum abscess. Finally, irrigate the area with saline solution.
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1. Draining the abscess can often be enough to relieve a smaller abscess. A dental professional will need to perform a root canal. The procedure cleans out a bacterial infection that
A trip to the dentist or doctor is in order.
If your symptoms are getting worse, you need to see your dentist again. Your dentist needs to determine if this is a gum infection or an infection in another tooth. Rinse with warm
There are two treatments for a dental abscess: removal of the abscess via
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How to Cure a Gum Abscess
A gum abscess is the result of an infection that has spread to the pulp, or the tooth cavity, and killed the nerves. Most abscesses are caused by bacteria breaking down tooth enamel and reaching down into the pulp, but it can also happen as a result of... More »
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