How to Curl a Synthetic Wig?


Wigs made of synthetic hair can be curled or styled. However, care must be taken in order to prevent the hair from being damaged. Since synthetic hair can burn or melt, extremely high heat can not be used on wigs made from this. Using electric rollers set at a low heat can add curl to a wig without damaging it. Using unheated rollers on the wig after the hair has been dampened can also be effective. Using curling irons is not recommended, as these can become far too hot and cause damage to the wig.
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1. Rinse the entire synthetic wig in cool water and roll the wet hair up in plastic rollers. Larger rollers will create big, voluminous waves, and smaller rollers will create tight,
hair rollers maybe.n use spritz to make them stay.
This is optional:wash the wig first Comb out all the tangles once the wig is fully dry. Put rollers in the wig.Depending on how big you want the curls, use different roller sizes.
You can use the old brush style curlers, just remove the brushes from the center of
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