How to Curl Dreadlocks?


It might be possible to curl your own dreadlocks, but it would be easier if you have a friend help you. The materials you need are a spray bottle, curlers, tightening gel, and a blow dryer. Dampen hair and apply a little tightening gel to a few locks of hair then wrap these around the curler all the way to the root. Wrap all of your locks the same way and air dry or blow dry. Carefully unwrap and enjoy your new hairdo.
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start with clean damp hair then you just fold the loc in and wrap the end around the hair put the end of the loc into the hole at the end ,where you folded the hair in half, do all
You can use perm rods that you can purchase from the beauty supply store:… Or you can use pipecleaners:
The dreadlock hairstyles can also be curled with the use of rollers or curlers. It can be very complicated but it would be easier to curl those with dreads because of its natural
A: Hi Tiffany. Can I please first say that you and your hair are gorgeous and your little mini-me is a total cutie! Now back to the question. I'll give you the bad news first, which
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