How to Curl Medium Length Hair?


To curl medium length hair, start by sectioning the hair. Start with the back first and work your way to the top.
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1. Shampoo and condition your hair normally with the products designed for your particular hair type, such as dry, oily or normal. 2. Towel dry your hair by scrunching it in the towel
There are lots of different ways to style medium length hair. You can wear it down and straight or down and wavy. You can play around wit some different kinds of updo's like a pony
Don't curl from the ends up. Start at the roots and twist your hair around the barrel of the curler, gradually sliding down your hair. It's hard to explain, but if you ask your hair-dresser
To put your hair in loose curls you just need a 2 inch barrel
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You can style medium length hair in many ways. You can curl it and put it half up, or wear it in a bun. You can get a layer haircut that will add some life to ...
You curl a medium length hair just as any other type of hair. The difference depends on how much volume you want on the hair. Larger rollers make bigger curls, ...
There are a number of ways to style medium length haircuts. One of these is to use a straightener and make your hair straight. You can also curl it, braid it, ...
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