How do you cut a graduated bob haircut?


When cutting a graduated bob, start from the back of the hair to the sides, leaving the side hair longer than the back hair. Cut each hair section with a downward 'v' angle and stop at the occipital bone of the head. Cut out any uneven hair and make sure the side hair is even with the rest.
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1 Begin by reviewing the previous article, How to Cut the Back of a Bob Haircut. A link is posted in the related articles section below. Ad 2 Now, connect the back and side sections
Look at magazines and clip pics of bob haircuts that catch your eye to get bob haircuts you love. With a "bob cut", the hair is cut short and a weighted area falls between
Answer It depends on how you want to cut it. If you want to trim it up, I'd suggest going to a salon or instructing someone else to do it. Section the hair, hold it up at a 90 degree
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