How do you cut a graduated bob haircut?


When cutting a graduated bob, start from the back of the hair to the sides, leaving the side hair longer than the back hair. Cut each hair section with a downward 'v' angle and stop at the occipital bone of the head. Cut out any uneven hair and make sure the side hair is even with the rest.
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1. Wrap the cutting cape tightly around the neck and fasten in place. Wet the hair thoroughly with the spray bottle and comb through to remove tangles. Reapply water to any sections
1 Begin by reviewing the previous article, How to Cut the Back of a Bob Haircut. A link is posted in the related articles section below. Ad 2 Now, connect the back and side sections
Answer It depends on how you want to cut it. If you want to trim it up, I'd suggest going to a salon or instructing someone else to do it. Section the hair, hold it up at a 90 degree
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