How to Cut a Military Haircut?


To cut a military haircut, it's easiest to use clippers with a blade guide. You can trim the longest hair first with scissors, then clip around the entire head with your clippers. Leave the top part a little longer than the sides. Use the flat-topper comb with a leveling guide to trim the top hair level. You can find more information here:
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A military haircut is cut real close to the head. Some men prefer to have their heads shaved. You can go the barber shop on post and the barber will give you the military hairstyle
1. Wash and condition the hair. Comb it to remove the tangles. Leave it wet. 2. Divide the hair into seven sections: right nape, left nape, left crown, right crown, left side, right
1 Figure out how short to cut the hair. Fade haircuts are typically short, even buzzed, near the nape of the neck. The hair gradually gets longer on the back and sides of the head
For finer hair: For thicker hair: I am shaved bald so I apologize if these are actually the same haircut twice. Embed Quote
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To cut military haircuts, you will need to purchase a set of electric clippers. These come with blade guides so that you can select the length of the hair that ...
A really simple way to cut military style haircuts is to buy a set of electric clippers. The clippers come with blade guides that allow you to set the length of ...
Military haircuts are short. The induction cut is the shortest possible of all haircuts that can be done without completely shaving the head bald. It is the traditional ...
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