How do you cut a Yorkie's hair?


A Yorkie's coat should be clipped close around the anus, on the tips of the ears and on the footpads, advises the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America. The rest of the coat shouldn't be clipped and should instead be left to grow long. However, pet owners may wish to trim the coat for convenience. The Yorkie Splash and Shine website features pictures of various Yorkie haircuts.

One popular clip option for Yorkies is a Schnauzer cut. The black hair on the body is cut back and the tan hair on the legs and face is trimmed to resemble a Schnauzer. With the Westie cut, or puppy cut, the dog's hair is clipped short all over the body, face and legs. The crested cut is similar to the puppy cut except the hair is left longer on the tail and ears, and sometimes on the back of the legs. Like humans, Yorkies also can get designer haircuts, as shown by Sarah Henery of Yorkie Splash and Shine.

Sometimes Yorkies don't come with the generally preferred silk coat and instead have a cotton, woolly or double coat, states the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America. The cotton and woolly coats are best kept clipped short in a puppy cut due to their tendency to form mats.

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How to Cut a Yorkie's Hair
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