How do you cut an inverted bob?


The easiest way to cut an inverted bob is to cut a blunt bob in the hair. You then need to add layering to it by using scissors. Cut the layers using the deep angled notching method.
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1. Create an A-shaped part at the back nape of your head. Situate the point of the part at the protruding bone on the back of your head. Leave the hair on the inside of the "
Well, it depends if you want a short or long inverted bob. If you want the short just take the clippers and buzz the back of your head until it starts to curve up. then just cut the
You can create the cut in a normal fashion (for a bob) and layer the upper sections
1 Damp hair and divide it into seven sections: left side, right side, top, left crown, right crown, left nape and right nape. Leave a little hanging down at the bottom all around.
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