How to Cut and Paste from the Internet?


To cut and paste from the internet, all you have to do is that select your stuff, then press Ctrl + C to copy them. Open Microsoft Word, then click on Ctrl + V to paste them.
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The best way to cut and paste is to select all the information you want to cut and hit delete. Then to paste you can right click on you mouse and hit paste.
1. Highlight the item you want to cut. For instance, click and drag your mouse over text in Microsoft Word, or click once on a file or image. 2. Press "Ctrl" and "X
1. Open or create a document on your computer that has both text and images. Select a user-friendly application to use like Microsoft Word, or a similar word-processing program. 2
Command-V. Apple has a great 101 site for little things like that too!
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It is possible to cut and paste pictures from one source to another, for example from the internet onto a Microsoft Word document. Some sites, however, prevent ...
1. Open a new Microsoft Word 2007 document. Open the page containing your research, whether that is a document stored on your hard drive or a website on the Internet ...
1. Do you need an internet address pasted into a web browser and it's being difficult? Instead of using the cut and paste under the edit menu-use the Control & ...
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