How to Cut Ceramic Tile?


The best way to cut a ceramic wall tile is by the use of a tile cutter. A tile cutter consists of a holding clamp, a scriber and a sharp cutting edge that cuts ceramic tiles to extreme precision. You can procure a tile cutter from any of your local hardware stores for approximately 10 pounds depending on the quality.
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How to Cut Ceramic Wall Tiles
Ceramic wall tiles are among the easier tiles to cut, because ceramic is made of clay (as opposed to stone), and because wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles. Ceramic is generally snapped, with a score and snap tile cutter that runs one thin line... More »
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1. Measure the area for the tile that has to be cut. Mark the measurement on your tile with a pencil. Extend the mark across the whole face of the tile in a straight line, using your
Cut ceramic tile with a tile saw that you can pick up at any home improvement store. Diamond saw blades will work the best, and will wear out less often than other blades.
Cutting ceramic tile is a snap. Literally. There are three basic tools that you'll need: A tile cutter. You can buy a single rail ceramic tile cutter at any hardware or home supply
1 Prepare the wall for the ceramic tile. Begin preparing the wall by removing any outlet covers and switch plates. Roughen the surface of the wall by sanding it with coarse-grit sandpaper
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1. Cover any doors of the room leading to other areas of the house with a sheet of plastic taped into place with masking tape to avoid dust from the cutting process ...
1. Install all of the tiles on the wall surrounding the outlet boxes, leaving an open space for the tile that you need to cut. 2. Place a tape measure against ...
1. Lay out the tiles for the walls in an area of equal size and shape. Insert the tile accessories into the layout and make the necessary cuts to the tiles to ...
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