How to Cut Fiberglass?


An easy way to cut fiberglass is with a dremel type tool. You can try using a jig saw with a metal cutting blade. The dremel tool with a cut off wheel is less likely to crack the fiberglass.
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How Do You Cut Fiberglass?
Fiberglass has many uses in and around a home, including fiberglass insulation, hard wall coverings and repair tape. When installing fiberglass insulation, cutting is necessary to fit the batting into a void space. Cutting fiberglass tape to size is... More »
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1. Lay the fiberglass insulation on top of a piece of scrap plywood with its foil or kraft-paper vapor barrier facing up. The plywood underneath the fiberglass should be as large,
Following a basic setup and cutting process, you can cut fiberglass openings with a jigsaw.
I recently did cut up a fibreglass tub with a DeWalt reciprocating saw (sawzall in vernacular ) and found the best blade was a 9" demolition blade . I had tried a fine tooth
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The best way to cut fiberglass sheets is to use either a power saw or a hand saw with a fine-toothed carbide tipped saw blade or with safety fabric reinforced ...
The best way to cut a fiberglass is with any kind of saw such as hand saw, circular saw or jig saw. The saw blade should be new and should have fine teeth. ...
1. Measure the required length of the piece of insulation needed. Where the end of the insulation needs to be cut at an angle (such as the end wall in an attic ...
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