How can you cut glass without using a glass cutter?


Learning how to cut glass without a glass cutter is a useful skill. Glass can be cut with a piece of sting dipped into alcohol. Place the string onto the glass and light the string on fire. The glass will cut where the string is.
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1. Prepare a bucket of water large enough to submerge the glass up to your elbow. Put on the safety goggles and gloves. Dip the string in rubbing alcohol and squeeze dry. Tie the
You can cut plexiglass with a table saw or circular saw. Use a saw blade with just a few teeth so you don't melt the plexiglass. Use sandpaper to smooth the rough edges. For more
tempered glass can not be cut easily, it is also hard to drill but can be, i suppose you could use the same method of drilling tempered glass to make a cut but would probably take
You can cut glass bottles with string. Soak the string
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How to Cut Glass Without a Glass Cutter
Cutting glass without a glass cutter can be achieved by either using string, metal or scissors. Water is necessary for all three methods, and protective eyeware and gloves should be used.... More »
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