How to Cut Heroin?


Heroin comes in different forms which requires different cuts. If you are cutting the powder kind, you can use sugar or quinine. Quinine should be used sparingly as it can cause an overdose. If you are cutting tar heroin, sugar or coffee can be used. Mixing the ingredients well is the key to cutting heroin. Smashing the ingredients together with a spoon or chopping with a razor blade are the two most used methods.
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The preferred method is to dilute it with powdered milk sugar (maltose) but unscrupulous dealers are liable to use almost anything that's powdery and the right color. (And who ever
Heroin is not something that you want to cook or even try. It is very dangerous to the body and can cause instant death depending on the condition of the body. It's best to leave
Powder Heroin is normally cut with milk sugar or quinine. Low amounts of quinine is used
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