How do you cut hip rafters for a roof?


When cutting a hip rafter you will have to mark it out using 16.97 or 17' on the body of your pitch and on the young of your framing square. Side cuts of your hip rafter should be fitted properly to the framing and this does not go in 40 degrees angle, but would be less than that. Find draft plans and more information on;
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1. Measure the desired overhang length of the rafter tails with a tape measure and mark the top edge of both end rafters at this dimension, using a pencil. 2. Snap a continuous chalk
A gambrel roof can be figured using formulas for an octagon since it is in the shape of half an octagon. So if the circumradius of your octagon is half of 15' or 7.5' then the length
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Hi Cameron, the birds mouth angle is related to the rafter angle. Are you familiar with a framing square and know how to make your peak angle cut using the framing square? Say you
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