How do you cut hip rafters for a roof?


When cutting a hip rafter you will have to mark it out using 16.97 or 17' on the body of your pitch and on the young of your framing square. Side cuts of your hip rafter should be fitted properly to the framing and this does not go in 40 degrees angle, but would be less than that. Find draft plans and more information on;
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1. Mark the common rafters first. Put the point of a square on the bottom at one end of a rafter board. Align the pitch mark in inches on the slender tongue and the 12-inch mark on
Answer Cutting rafters requires knowledge of rise,run and line length per foot of run and skill with a 'framing square' and power saw. Advanced Roof Framing by Marshal Gross is a
Whether the roof be a simple gable roof or a complex roof with multiple hips and
Are you talking about where the rafter sits on the wall?
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