How to Cut Pitbull Ears?


A dog's ears should never be cropped by anyone who isn't a licensed, practicing veterinarian. Besides the horrible pain if anesthesia isn't used, there is too great a risk of blood loss, infection, and nerve damage.
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The cost depends on your location. In my area it runs between $100 & $150. Be sure to have it done before your puppy is 12 weeks old.
Originally it was for fighting. I agree, they don't need their ears cut for appearances.mine all have their natural ear.and it makes them look so adorable when something gets their
1. When the puppy is of age, discuss the procedure with your veterinarian. The puppy should be up to date with her vaccinations, de-wormed, and in overall good health before getting
There are no longer any scientifically proven reasons to crop, cut, ears
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Pitbull ear cutting is done so that the ears of these dogs will stand on end, giving them a signature pitbull appearance. Historically, pitbulls were bred at fighter ...
Pitbull ear clipping is a surgical procedure that was once done to protect the animal's ears, but in 2013 is a medically unnecessary surgical procedure. At one ...
A pit bull's - or any breed of dog's - ears should only be cropped by a licensed veterinarian, under general anesthesia. It is a very painful procedure, and the ...
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