How to Cut Hard Plastic?


Plastic sheets such as acrylic can be cut using the following procedure. Take a scribing knife to score a 3/16 inch piece of acrylic plastic. Drag this knife across a straight line on the plastic. Then hang the scribe marked piece of plastic at the end of the table, and use clamps to hold it steady. Pull down the edge which is hanging outside the table to break it into two pieces. Scrape the edges of plastic with a hacksaw blade, to give it a finished edge.
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1. Measure the fixture that you want to use the Optix plastic as a cover for. Make sure that you include the amount of plastic sheet, which must extend under any holding brackets
A laser cutter is used to cut acrylic plastics out.
Technically none - the ISO standards for SIM cards specify that they are available as a push-out section of a 85.60 x 53.98 x 0.76 mm card (ISO/IEC 7810 Annex B (informative) ID-000
Are Plastic Cutting Boards Better Than Wood? A thoughtful reader kindly sent me a fascinating article on cutting boards. Originally published in the Feb. 6, 1993 edition of. Science
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You can learn to cut plastic with just a few simple tips. You need to score the plastic and then break it. You will need to file it to create a nice, smooth edge. Another way to cut plastic is by using a hot knife. For more information see here: ;
Polycarbonate is a type of plastic that is lightweight and has a high resistance to heat and electricity. Before cutting polycarbonate it is useful to know how to cut the plastic. Thin polycarbonate can be cut using a sharp utility knife if accuracy is not important. If the plastic is a little thicker, heavy duty hand shears can be used to cut it. Circular saws can be used to cut thicker plastic sheets and jigsaws can be used to cut curved edges in the plastic.
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