How to Cut Side Swept Bangs?


Some of the celebrities with long side swept bangs are like Jennifer Lawrence and Tanya Leigh Washington. To cut side swept bangs, always start with dry hair then using a comb, precisely section off the hair you do not want to cut. Afterwards divide your bangs in half using a styling comb.
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1. Wash your hair. It's important to have fresh hair before you begin your cut. If your hair is greasy or bunchy, you may not get the look you're going for. Don't do anything fancy
1. Separate some of your hair from the rest by creating a triangular part between the bangs and the rest of you hair with a comb. The point of the triangle should be in the center
Section off your bangs, or what you want as bangs to the front of our face, and pin the rest of your hair back. You can wet your hair if you want, but keep in mind that after it dries
It's best to have someone else cut your own bangs. However if need be, the best way to cut side swept bangs is at an angle. Point cut your bangs to the side you want for effect.
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The best way to cut side swept bangs if to go to a professional. A professional has been trained to give you the look you want and are usually reasonably priced. You can find more info at:
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