How do you cut spinach?


To cut fresh spinach one simply needs to cut off the stems and any part of the leaf which is brown or damaged. It is important to wash spinach well as it can contain sand and bacteria. Fresh spinach is a healthy addition to any meal and is packed with vitamins.
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1. Dry off cut spinach by patting the leaves down with paper towels. Get the spinach as dry as possible. Moisture makes cut spinach spoil much faster than normal, dry spinach. 2.
An easy way to cook spinach is on top of your stove. Start with a skillet and about two tablespoons of oil and some crushed garlic. Add a bag of fresh spinach and saut' on medium
Learning how to grow spinach in your garden is a good start to providing fresh vitamin-filled leafy vegetables to your diet. Spinach health benefits are numerous and it is easy to
1. Gather all ingredients along with a large bowl, chopping knife, can opener and two large salad spoons. 2. Chop head of lettuce to bite sized pieces or open bagged lettuce/spinach
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