How to Cut Toenails?


To cut your toenails, do it right after you get out of the bath or shower. They will be soft and easier to cut. Be sure you use nail clippers and cut them straight across. Don't curve down on the corners, this will encourage in grown toenails. Use an emery board when you are done to smooth the edges. Apply lotion to your cuticles. You are done!
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How to Cut Toenails
Proper toenail care is not only important for good hygiene, it is also required to avoid painful infections, ingrown toenails and unsightly toes. Everyone's nails grow at a different rate, so it's best to keep an eye on your feet and get the clippers out... More »
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There are amazing products to trim a dogs toenails. You can purchase a toenail trimmer at stores like Wal-Mart. You can also take your dog to the veterinarian.
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The proper way to cut toenails is to make sure you cut straight across using the appropriate nail clippers. Also, avoid cutting the nails too short, as this may ...
Cutting the toenails properly will need you to first soak your feet to avoid splintering the nail. Next, avoid trimming them too short, by using a pair of large ...
You should cut your toenails short. If you cut them to short, you should get an infection. It is important to cut your toenails with the appropriate nail clippers ...
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