How do men cut their own hair?


Men Haircuts can be an expensive venture in terms of money and time. All this can be saved with a persona hair cut at home. To cut your own hair, wash it with shampoo and dry it, comb it to remove any knots or tangles, divide the hair into sections, stand inform of a big mirror and using a pair of scissors, cut each section to the same desired length.
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1. Before you start, have a mirror in front of you and a mirror on the wall in back of you so you can see the back of your head. Wash, towel dry and comb your hair. Cover shoulders
1 Buy a sharp pair of scissors. The first step in cutting your hair at home is to invest in the right tools. You will need a sharp pair of hair cutting scissors (not just any old
Answer Hair cutting is all about angles; angles in which you hold your hair while cutting. Unless you know the angle in which to hold your hair while cutting go to a salon. Now if
1. Brush out the hair. 2. Pull the hair back into a low sitting pony tail. The rubber band should sit at the nape of the neck. 3. Make a small gap in the hair above the rubber band.
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To cut your own hair get a good quality clipper set from your favorite store, select the length you want your hair to be after cutting, attach the guide for you chosen length and simply cut away. Most new sets now have booklets or a dvd providing hints and ideas.
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